We're removing our fees to support your WorthWild endeavors

That's right, Worthwild is committed to releasing our powerful software without the typical crowdfunding fees*. Please excuse our absence while we work on these changes. If you'd like to stay informed when our free software is available, please enter your email below.

Why are we doing this? If you have a project that's good for the environment and a team that's committed to seeing it through, then that's all the reason we need.

Please note: After our re-launch, campaign criteria will remain the same. We will continue to review, select and monitor campaigns that meet WorthWild criteria.

*Third party credit card fees still apply in order to ensure secure transactions.

We can help you get your eco-friendly project off the ground.

WorthWild makes it possible for everyone to start green initiatives. We provide you with the tools, education and platform you need to raise funds and create change. And we believe in you. 100%.

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What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding allows individuals and organizations to raise funds for a specific project by asking a large number of people (usually in their personal networks) for many small contributions.

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Recently Funded

  • Pizza box sq
    Compost Pizza Boxes & Keep Them Out of Waste Stream

    Compost With Me needs your help to buy a commercial cardboard shredder so we can compost more pizza boxes.

    • $3,000 Pledged
    • 100% Funded

    • 0 days left
  • Nonprofit badge Fieldgroup
    Save 500 acres of wild, rural, & scenic land forever

    Help SVT protect some of the most beautiful and important habitat left in eastern Massachusetts.

    • $25,325 Pledged
    • 101% Funded

    • 0 days left
  • Bga photo 1
    ReThink the Drink at Boston Green Academy

    Boston Green Academy needs your help to install a Bottle Filling Station - a drinking fountain that supplies HYDRATION and EDUCATION

    • $2,026 Pledged
    • 101% Funded

    • 0 days left
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Coming Soon

  • P1300088
    Once Upon A Time A Tree...

    To plant trees from North America to Argentina

    Launching Soon
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WorthWild Gives Back

We're proud to be part of a global network of businesses and nonprofits setting the new corporate standard for social and environmental performance. One percent of every dollar made at WorthWild goes straight back into nonprofits that drive environmental education, innovation, conservation, and human-powered recreation.

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